About me

Hey there! I'm Niranjan Singh, a passionate programmer. I proudly serve as a Module Lead at STP Investment Services, leading application development initiatives on technology transformation. But let me clarify: while I work with .NET, C#, ASP.NET MVC, ORM, and Azure Development at STP, the thoughts, content, and opinions shared on this blog are entirely my own.

I delve into various topics on this platform, spanning technology, code, the web, and beyond. I'm passionate about software development, architecture, and the open web.

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If you want to email me, email me at getintouch@niranjankala.in, but be nice and make sure you Googled around a bit before you do. ;)

Feeling like reaching out? Don't hesitate to shoot me an email at getintouch@niranjankala.in, but remember, kindness goes a long way, and a quick Google search before hitting send is always appreciated. ;)


Work experience

Before my current role, I was a Project Leader at Motherson Technology Services, leading teams to deliver software solutions and application development projects.  It allowed me to grow and learn from some of the most intelligent people. I have accumulated experience in practically all (technical) stages of project development, including planning, framework development, user interface, testing, and documenting.  I was thrilled to work there!


My higher education includes a 6-semester full-time Bachelor of Science studies and a 6-semester full-time Diploma in Computer Science. Studies included issues related to programming, software engineering, databases, algorithms, etc., which provide solid preparation for the substantive work of the software developer.

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